Welcome to our Website, for the Rust Server,  Rustonic.

It is a Vanilla, Procedural map for Solo, Duo and Trio players. Anyone caught in a group of more than Three is liable to a permanent ban.  The server is wiped on the first Thursday of every month,  to match the Game updates.

Any problems can be reported by via our contact page.


Rustonic is based in the UK and aims to provide a server for players who prefer to play Solo, or with a small group of friends. We find large groups can quickly dominate servers and spoil the fun for every other player.

We hope you will find that we us, you can progress at a steady rate and avoid those dreaded Raids long enough to build a strong, safe base and the ability to defend it.


We are open!

Hi all. Rustonic server is finally up and running, although this website is a bit lacking at the moment. Hopefully I will get some time to update this site soon, and provide a source of where to news about any changes or updates happening to the server. We hope to see you on the server …


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